What to do in Molveno

Up in the air


In the air between wind and clouds: the extraordinary adrenaline of paragliding.

In the town of Molveno, among the Brenta Dolomites, there are many reference centers for trying this adrenaline-filled experience, one above all the  fly tandem experience. In a two-seater, accompanied by an expert professional, you experience the thrill of a descent at high altitude. Here the Ora, the wind that blows mildly from south to north, is your friend, and the scenery that opens up before you offers evocative emotions between the blue sky, the clear water of the lake and the majesty of the mountains.

In water


Fishing in Molveno, the search for relaxation while fishing in the mountains.

The art of fishing even on Lake Molveno requires experience and knowledge but above all a lot of inner tranquility, just like meditation. Experiencing the mountains means taking all the time you need, breathing slowly. Even when you dedicate yourself to your ideal sport, the Brenta Dolomites give you concentration and stability. All lovers of fishing know this well, an activity widely practiced on Lake Molveno every year by thousands of tourists and local inhabitants.

On the water


Rafting in Molveno, where the adrenaline flows.

For those who love sports involving water but prefer more adrenaline-pumping activities, rafting is recommended, widely practiced on the rivers of the Paganella plateau, particularly the Noce. You get on a particular type of unsinkable dinghy and begin your fast descent towards the valley, guided by the push of the stream.

Only strong emotions for those who practice this sport in which training, mental clarity and above all a spirit of collaboration are necessary. The crew steers the boat thanks to special paddles to mark the course despite the great speed of the current.

The thrill of speed


Downhill in Paganella, the adrenaline of the Bike Park just a few km away.

Do you like speed but want to keep your feet (or rather with your wheels) on the ground?
Downhill is for you. You rely on special bicycles and are ready to tackle the steepest slopes at high speed. This sport, a variant of Mountain Biking, is a discipline that only contemplates descents along tracks ranging from 2 to 5 kilometres, also including natural or artificial obstacles such as ramps, steps or uneven sections

At the Paganella Bike Park near Molveno there are several tracks dedicated to downhill, with different levels of difficulty.

The Hotel Olympia is your Bike Friendly Hotel ideal both for cycling excursions in the heart of Molveno and for exciting downhill descents.

In the middle of the mountains


Trekking in Molveno, discovering the most evocative paths.

From the lakeside to Andalo, Molveno proves to be the perfect destination for your holiday dedicated to excursions in the Dolomites. Immediately near the Hotel Olympia there is the starting point of the Cyclamen path. This route is ideal if you want to dedicate yourself to a flat walk without too tiring differences in height. Other unmissable paths of historical and naturalistic interest are found in the middle of the Adamello del Brenta Natural Park. Emblematic is that of Napoleon’s Forts from which it is possible to admire a Roman bridge and the Rio Ceda waterfall. Bring a map and a packed lunch, in this area at the foot of the Dolomites numerous routes await you amidst the greenery.