In the room: to each his own view

3 types of rooms based on the view

The 30 rooms of the Hotel Olympia in Molveno are ideal for offering you a true immersion in tranquility.

The large and bright environments evoke contact with the nature that surrounds the hotel by touch and sight. The Trentino wood so robust, warm and pleasant to touch, the bedspread and curtains with their floral designs, the light and fresh air that envelop every room.

Here there is all the space you want for your holiday in the mountains, as a couple, with family or with friends, and some rooms can accommodate up to four people, thank you to a comfortable sofa that transforms into a bunk bed. For younger guests, a cot is available upon request.

All bathrooms are new and large, equipped with shower cubicles and hairdryer.

Stella di Lago room

Key element: water.
18 hotel roomsall with frontal views of Lake Molveno. The view is particularly romantic and the sparkle of the lake water is the backdrop to all your special moments.

Ciclamino room

Key element: lymph
9 rooms overlook the Cyclamen Path, whose entrance is very close to the Hotel Olympia. All you need to do is open the window to listen to the sounds of nature and get oxygen while looking at the lush green trees.

Brenta room

Key element: the rock

3 special rooms give you a unique glimpse of the mountain behind the Hotel. Every day the Brenta Dolomites greet you majestically and give you powerful energy.